Knowledge Graph

A Knowledge Graph is a semantic representation of company data across data storage systems, processes and even company boundaries. It is used to establish connections in a process based on the division of labor and, as a result, to create transparency for those involved in the process.

With the help of Linksphere, Knowledge Graphs can be calculated and stored automatically from existing data systems. The Linksphere platform also enables a data-driven, bottom-up approach. With its help, the extensive development of enterprise knowledge can be done incrementally and scalably. An Enterprise Knowledge Graph can thus emerge as a consequence of individual Knowledge Graph solutions, such as Digital Engineering or Digital Production.

Die Vorteile

The advantages

Customers get the ability to manage the process of building cross-enterprise knowledge on demand

Knowledge Graph solutions do not require change management and do not burden existing processes

Knowledge Graph-based solutions can be configured and thus deployed very quickly

Knowledge Graphs are decoupled from the actual authoring systems and therefore enable

  • the realization of Digital Twin and Digital Thread via logical inference
  • an automatic update from the connected systems
  • a smooth migration of the system landscape under the Knowledge Graph