Digital Twin

In our understanding, a Digital Twin is a digital representation of both tangible and intangible business objects such as products, components, assets, customers, suppliers, services or processes. It is also used to capture interrelationships of business objects, and thus their business context, across entire lifecycles.

Knowledge Graphs are a native way to map such semantic relationships. In this way, business objects such as requirements, components, assets, services, etc. are linked to each other with the help of semantic relations. A Digital Twin is consequently a digital representation of the semantic contextual reality in a specific domain, based on an Enterprise Knowledge Graph. A Digital Thread thereby represents the semantic model that defines the Digital Twin.

Die Vorteile

The advantages

Customized definitions of the Digital Twin for all roles along the process

Automatic calculation of Digital Twins according to the definitions using logical inference processes via the Knowledge Graph

A Digital Twin can be incrementally extended or modified