Linksphere Platform

Linksphere comprises the entire technology necessary for automated data linking, the creation of graph-based digital solutions, and comprehensive connectivity. The data linking stack contains all the necessary layers with perfectly coordinated interactions of its individual components to ensure maximum performance and scaling. Logical separation between configuration and runtime environment guarantees that your solutions can always be operated with the latest engines. The high level of interoperability of the platform, while maintaining all security requirements, ensures easy integration into existing enterprise IT architectures.


Data Ingestion

In the context of data ingestion, relevant metadata, that traditionally resides in the operational silos of the various business units, is read out of files or databases or accessed via interfaces. Linksphere can access the data flexibly and from various heterogeneous data sources. The sources can be on-premises or in the cloud. Ready-made connectors already exist for many business applications, and new connections can also be developed very easily and used as modules in the low-code environment.


Data Staging

In data staging, the metadata imported from the authoring systems is stored temporarily to be further processed by the operational system landscape, decoupled in terms of content and time. This way, consistent data statuses are merged, and operational systems are spared during queries thanks to smart scheduling.


Data Engineering

The schema of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph is easily modeled in Linksphere using low-code-editors. Data is processed in Linksphere workflows, which are similarly configured with low-code modules and may be augmented with pro-code when needed. During data engineering, a business-specific Enterprise Knowledge Graph with enriched metadata is created, while the context of the data is preserved and the complex relationships between the data become visible. Existing models and knowledge graphs can also be extended later and enriched with new information.


Knowledge Graph

At the heart of the Linksphere platform is a graph database that enables very fast queries and computations. The platform can be used to build Enterprise Knowledge Graphs which can handle billions of nodes and edges and still be queried and searched quickly.


Query Language

With the help of well-documented APIs, it is possible to access the information stored in the Knowledge Graph. Various interfaces are provided for this purpose, including those based on open and standardized self-service query standards. Since the metadata is stored persistently, high-performance access to it is also possible. The metadata can thus be further processed, for example with the help of machine learning and AI.



Intuitive graph applications, dashboards and knowledge explorers are created and published quickly and easily with the Linksphere AppCreator. The user experience is ensured by tested low code modules.

Performance Example

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Business Objects

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