Smart Product Portfolio Management

Target group

Product / Service Portfolio Manager, Product (System) Architect


Manufacturing & process industry


Product & asset

Product portfolio management identifies and evaluates potentials and risks for a successful, strategic design and control of a company's service portfolio. All relevant artifacts and characteristics from the company's various systems are linked in a Linksphere Knowledge Graph and made available for fact-based decision-making. Improve your portfolio managers' decision-making by providing them with a whole new level of visibility into their product portfolio.

The benefits for your portfolio managers:

Fast responsiveness to market changes
Competitive differentiation
Effective and efficient use of resources
Anticipation of lifecycle aspects
High flexibility in product architecture
Balancing of variance, reuse, standardization
Early identification of margin eaters and cost drivers
Use Case

Use Cases:

  • Portfolio status analysis
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Documentation and reuse of product modules
  • Market and data driven product portfolio
  • Information for planning and decision-making

Use Case
Use Case
Use Case

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