Data analytics is becoming one of the critical success factors in an increasingly data-driven economy. AI and especially Machine Learning methods are used to automatically analyze large amounts of data (e.g. sensor data, transaction data etc.) for repeating patterns, anomalies or clusters. Application areas range from the analysis of transactional to IoT data. In particular, the advancement of artificial neural networks has made great progress in this field.

We believe that Semantic AI as a combination of AI/Machine Learning and Graph technology is an important success factor for any form of Advanced Analytics. Thus, the low-code big graph platform Linksphere contains several hundred analytics modules at its core, including state-of-the-art Machine Learning modules. This ensures that individual analytical results can always be put into a business context in order to be interpreted by the business function.

Die Vorteile

The advantages

Combination of Knowledge Graph technology with AI/Machine Learning technology in one platform

Combination of contextualized and discrete data creates an enhanced database for AI

Qualitatively superior data analytic evaluations

Explainability of analysis results