Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Easily connect and optimize data analytics with Linksphere.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and MachineLearning (ML) automatically mine large data sets, such as sensor data andtransactional data, for repeating patterns, anomalies, and clusters: thisincludes, but is not limited to, evaluations of transactional and IoT data.


With the combination of AI/ML and the KnowledgeGraph technology of the Linksphere integration platform, we ensure a criticalsuccess factor for all advanced analytics requirements. For this purpose, weoffer several hundred analytics modules, including state-of-the-art AI/MLmodules.


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Die Vorteile

The advantages

Combine Knowledge Graph and AI/ML technology in one platform

Easily and quickly link the context of individual analytical results

Use Linksphere to put your in-depth data base into the overall business context as the basis for optimal analytical results