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All relevant data at the right time, in the right place - Vehicle development processes in the automotive industry have traditionally been product structure driven. All data critical to the development process is stored in separate systems such as PLM and CAD. Data integration and transparency is therefore important to ensure an efficient and successful vehicle development process.

Another challenge is that new prototypes can only be built and tested at a late stage: this ties up valuable time, costs and, at the same time, inhibits the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to market requirements. An important approach here is to check at an early stage whether customer requirements are met. This can be realized by means of simulation.

The decisive factor in both cases is to have the relevant data, at the right time, in the right place. Together with our partners AVL and T-Systems, the V&V simulation platform offers a solution for the integration of all relevant vehicle development data from the various source systems as well as the simulation of prototypes throughout the entire vehicle development process.

Based on the principles of MBSE, PLM and/or SysLM, this approach for an integrated and open development platform can be used to validate and verify prototypes in simulation at an early stage during the vehicle development process.

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Your benefits

Early & reliable verification: Verification & validation of market and customer requirements
High level of automation: reduced workload, increased efficiency & quality
Central dashboard: Traceable KPIs & parameters, reduction of time & costs, minimization of risks
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case
Use Case

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