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The ever more complex production environments of companies, the increasing individualization of customer requirements, ever shorter product lifecycles, increasing product variance and stricter regulations for the environment and safety - production must reconcile all these factors. For this, product data from development must be available at an early stage.

This is the only way that production planning can plan and optimize production processes in parallel with development and, if necessary, feedback adaptation requests to development. This smooth exchange of information between development, production planning and production is ensured with a Linksphere Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Your production planners get the necessary transparency about all relevant information of your global production network.

Use Case

Simultaneous Engineering

Shorten the time-to-market of your new products with the help of simultaneous engineering. A continuous flow of information between product development and production planning forms the basis for this approach.


A component engineer from product development introduces a new design which would lead to production problems due to its construction. Through a continuous, smooth exchange of information between development and planning, these problems are detected at an early stage and the engineer can modify the component accordingly.

Use Case
Use Case
Use Case

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