Smart Services & Predictive Maintenance

Target group

Service engineers & service managers


Manufacturing & process industry


Product & asset

Satisfied customers, functioning machines and trouble-free plants are not compatible with malfunctions, downtimes or unscheduled maintenance work. Condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance of products, machines and systems are therefore key areas of investment in many industries.

Whether early detection of problems, optimization of machine performance (OEE - Overall Equipment Efficiency) or reduction of failure rates, increase your productivity and improve the quality of your products. Use your documented knowledge for this purpose. Put your past defects, quality problems, plant settings, recipes and processed materials into a contextual relationship with aid of an automatically built Knowledge Graph and apply this aggregated knowledge for smart predictive maintenance analyses. In this way, malfunctions and errors can be detected at an early stage and rectified in good time. The risk for cost-intensive downtimes decreases.


Precisely predict the optimal time for maintenance
Reduce maintenance and personnel costs
Increase the availability of machines and systems
Preventively avoid errors
Avoid machine failures and downtimes
Optimize spare parts management
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Use Case
Use Case
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