Data Fabric

Companies increasingly see knowledge generation, both from internal and external data, as a mission-critical activity to optimize internal processes. Furthermore, knowledge generation is becoming progressively important with regard to the development of new data-based business models, e.g., those in which the sale of products is replaced by the provision of services. For this to succeed, it is necessary to professionalize data exploitation.

Data Fabric is a technical approach to this and combines data integration and data analysis methods such as Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence as well as Graph Analytics in a form of digital data ecosystem. It provides business functions with relevant data and insights to evaluate past performance data in combination with predictive analytics. With the Low Code Big Graph Platform Linksphere, we provide our customers with an essential component of the data factory, the business context in the form of an Enterprise Knowledge Graph, which places individual evaluations in an overall context. This business context can refer to a process such as the product lifecycle or the asset lifecycle, but also to the enterprise level.

Die Vorteile

The advantages

Data mining using Advanced Analytics and AI can leverage secondary data and business contexts to achieve better results

Results from AI and Machine Learning techniques become more explainable and interpretable

The overall analysis process is accelerated because the entire data context is available to analysts on-demand

Inference processes can already automatically derive unknown correlations from existing knowledge