Data Fabric

An optimal integration of business data in the corporate context is the basis for the analysis of internal and external data, and essential for the development of new, data-based business models, such as innovative service products.

Data Fabric digitizes your data utilization and simplifies data integration and analysis methods such as advanced analytics, business intelligence, and graph analytics.

It provides business functions with relevant data and insights to evaluate historical performance data in combination with predictive analytics. Based on the Knowledge Graph, Linksphere creates individual evaluations in a business context, such as product lifecycle management (PLM) or asset lifecycle management (ALM), as well as enterprise-level data.

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Die Vorteile

The advantages

Automate and combine advanced analytics and AI for optimized and best-of-breed data analysis

Discover new relationships as the basis for highly qualified business analyses and models

Benefit from fast analysis processes with on-demand data