Partner Seminar with T-Systems | Smart Engineering with the Help of Linked Data

Dec 8, 2020
Marc Fauquembergue
Manager Marketing Operations

Together with our partner T-Systems, we discuss the future of integrated vehicle development. The automotive industry in particular is facing major challenges. As a solution provider of vehicles, and increasingly of mobility services, OEMs and suppliers are transforming themselves into an integral part of mobile ecosystems.

Future topics such as C.A.S.E., high safety requirements, regulatory constraints and new players are posing additional challenges for manufacturers, and of course their suppliers. The "product car" is evolving into a complex, integrative technical "system" consisting of mechanics, electrics/electronics and software. Consequently, automobile manufacturers are changing into players in the integrated system of complex systems.

A continuous availability of information for a smooth collaboration along the entire product life cycle is therefore indispensable. Model-based Systems Sngineering (MBSE) is a promising, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach here. Unfortunately, existing IT landscapes do not support this approach sufficiently. Data linking helps to break down silos and ensure the required information consistency and traceability.

Steffen Maier (TSI) and Sebastian Dörr (CONWEAVER) explain how to use industrial knowledge graphs to automatically link product data throughout the entire product lifecycle as digital twins and use them for engineering purposes. Make complexity manageable!


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