Automated Enterprise Knowledge Graph for Corporate Data Governance

Jul 19, 2021

Digitalization presents companies with the challenge of becoming increasingly efficient and innovative. For this to succeed, the utilization of data is playing an increasingly important role. And this in times when the amount of data is growing exponentially. These challenges are exacerbated by the rising demands for traceability of processes and data.

In short, for efficient data handling to work in a large and historically grown company like Continental, there is a need for holistic, efficient management of data throughout its entire lifecycle - corporate data governance. For such a strategy to be successful, data and its context from disconnected silos have to be made transparent at a central point. Only then can data be governed and monitored centrally.

At the prostep ivip Symposium 2021, Continental and CONWEAVER teamed up to present the Corporate Data Governance project. Watch as Dr. Jochen Hechler (Head of Quality Systems, Continental) and Tim Rathgeber (Director Professional Services, CONWEAVER) illustrate

  • how the project creates data and process transparency across numerous data silos,
  • thus enabling cross-system reports and early warning systems, among other things, as part of data governance and quality management
  • the cross-silo semantic search and additional mapping of the linked data as a knowledge graph enables interrelationships to be understood and traced in a short time and forms the basis for fulfilling existing internal and external data obligations


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