CONWEAVER - We Make Your Data Work - offers Linked Data Solutions for automated data linking of heterogeneous data across system, process and company boundaries. Immediately, comprehensively and accurately!

Our product Linksphere® uses a worldwide unique, dynamic data analysis and integration approach to automatically generate semantically linked company data from structured and unstructured company data. Using an intuitive search interface as simple as Google, this data can be retrieved by any employee and exchanged between employees.

This allows a new dimension of collaboration as well as data transparency, i.e.,

Multi-dimensional product development and production processes are becoming transparent and comprehensible.

As a result, our customers save costs and time!

Linked Data Solutions can be configured within weeks without having to change established systems or IT infrastructures.

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Data Transparency Through Dynamic Linking
Optimal Supply Of Corporate Processes
Reduction of Process Complexity (Cost Saving)
Continuous IT Migration Process (Risk Minimization)
More Effective Business Processes (Time Saving)
Support Targeted Communication Between Users

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