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It is in the nature of things: engineering thinks and acts in a network-like manner, actually always in systems, and today more digital than ever.

Holistic approaches such as PLM or SysLM need answers to the increasing speed with which ever more complex products have to be developed. Engineering faces the challenge, but also the opportunity, of further optimizing processes.

Digital transformation is the driving force behind this process optimization. Data is the fuel. The path to automated production necessarily involves the complete digitalization and networking of development and production (Riedel, 2019).


In order that Advanced Digital or Systems Engineering (SE and MBSE) can be merged into integrated digital manufacturing (Riedel, 2019) we offer Linksphere, a "lingua franca" between the artifacts of heterogeneous development tools. Through our Low Code Big Graph Platform, lightweight traceability solutions can be made available within a very short time. Thus you will receive initial "cross-border" insights from your data after only weeks.

One example here is valuable information as a basis for your Change Impact Analysis. With the help of the graph, impact analyses on the overall system can not only be calculated, but can also be presented in this graph in a way that is easy to understand for the human eye. In addition, holistic coverage analyses, in which artifacts are often not linked directly but only indirectly via other artifacts in subtrees, can be easily mapped with a Linksphere traceability graph.

The reuse of product components is also simplified. Thanks to trace links, requirements including all implemented artifacts can be combined in units and used for different products.

Due to the high degree of automation of our platform, you not only avoid the faulty, manual entry of trace links, but also reduce the costs of this entry. In short, a quickly configured, lightweight traceability graph lowers the total cost of product lifecycle and increases the chances of delivering a maintainable product that meets all specified customer requirements.


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