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With a Knowledge Graph you can bring together all relevant artifacts of a portfolio to analyze your entire product portfolio, your customers and market segments in real-time.

In the age of digitization, product portfolio management faces the challenge of reconciling the long-term, strategic design and control of all products and services with ever shorter product life cycles, digital innovations and disruptive business models.

Your product portfolio must be able to respond agilely to changes in the market in uncertain times. Maximizing the value of your portfolio therefore requires you to recognize its full potential and identify all possible risks, preferably at the push of a button.

With the help of this transparency you can

  • Visualize dependencies easily
  • Automate market and data-driven decisions
  • Communicate fairly with stakeholders
  • Identify margin eaters and cost drivers early on
  • Recognize top products but also low-runners
  • Balance variance and efficiency of your portfolio

The rapidly growing data volumes along your own business processes contain the knowledge for this. Every question needs its own thread through these data volumes to knit the answer - the digital thread.

A Linked Data Layer (Knowledge Graph) for product portfolio management provides all relevant characteristic values, including semantic dependencies, for a holistic evaluation and control of a product portfolio.

The Linksphere Low Code Big Graph platform allows the simple, fast and cross-domain linking of data. This is achieved unaffected by typically complex and heterogeneous system landscapes, fragmented in various data silos and available in a wide variety of formats. Tailor-made product portfolio applications can be realized in a very short time with the full stack, and the knowledge stored in the graph can be used for further use cases such as BI and AI.

Knowledge Graph for data insights
BI & AI ready thanks to high interoperability
Low Code Platform for applications within weeks
Full Stack from data to action

Thanks to the intuitive mapping of information, you can easily communicate complex issues to a wide range of stakeholders and make business-critical decisions efficiently and well-founded.

Further Use Cases / Applications

  • Portfolio Status Analysis
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Documentation and Reuse of Product Modules
  • Market- and Data-Driven Product Portfolio
  • Information for Planning and Decision-Making

Additional Example: New Product Variant

Your market research has shown that a new variant of your product is in demand in a specific market segment. Before you can make the decision whether or not to include it in your portfolio, you need a holistic view of the relevant information (risk analysis).

With the help of a Knowledge Graph, your entire product portfolio, including all dependencies, is displayed in a comprehensible form. You receive a holistic information basis for your planning and decisions.

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