Linked Data for a Data Driven Product Portfolio Management (PPM)


In the age of digitization, product portfolio management faces the challenge of reconciling the long-term strategic design and management of all products and services with ever shorter product life cycles, digital innovations and disruptive business models. The goal of maximizing value, taking into account the risk balance and equilibrium of the portfolio, can therefore only be achieved with the help of a holistic transparency of the dependencies of a portfolio:

An assessment of the current state of the portfolio requires the availability of relevant key figures across the entire product portfolio, including all dependencies.

The communication of complex facts to different stakeholders requires a reduction of complex interrelationships to essential information.

In times of shorter product lifecycles, it also becomes particularly important to efficiently reuse product components and establish meaningful standardization.

An effective and real-time provision of decision-relevant information can thus decide on the success or failure of a company.


A PPM graph with Linksphere starts exactly there.

The implementation of a Linksphere PPM solution is already taking place in record time, giving a product portfolio manager new insights into the status of the entire product portfolio in real time within weeks.

The mapping of a product portfolio in a knowledge graph consolidates all relevant data. Repetitive tasks in product portfolio management can be formalized, pattern and error recognition via distributed data structures can be simplified considerably and the visualization of all relevant relationships can be made available at the push of a button.

Due to the high degree of automation of our platform, this information is not only available to you in the shortest possible time, you also save costs in the collection and reuse of the relevant information.

In short, a quickly configured, lightweight PPM graph leads to secure and promising decisions and thus increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your product portfolio.


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