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Linksphere Terra is our solution for comprehensive linked data searches.

Use case: Search Engine

One of our customers calls it “Google for engineers”!

Every product data management system (PDM system) for vehicle manufacturers is self-contained, having its own separate user interface and a special access rights structure. Normally, there are no “bridges” between these PDM systems. The resulting barriers to sharing knowledge mean that it often takes engineers a long time to find the information they need for their work, sometimes not even finding everything they are looking for. This makes it tricky for them to gain a clear understanding of the context that they are working in and keep an eye on all of the associated processes. As a result, huge obstacles stand in the way of efficient team work within the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

With linked data searches, they can now create virtual and dynamic links between all data and objects across all boundaries. A linked data search analyses structured and unstructured PDM information, linking it together based on its content and context, and incorporating it into a knowledge network made up of high-quality results. Based on the Google search engine, the solution is easy to use thanks to its familiar design.

Online applications enable your employees to search both within the supply chain, value-creation chains and product lifecycles as well we across several different domains.

The linked data search function vizualises information in its overall context, shedding light on new or previously undetected relationships so that you can share them with colleagues. It also reveals inconsistencies in data, thus improving the transparency of your data. This offers huge advantages to both organizations and teams spread across the globe.

Use Case Engineering - Traceability

Product tracking becomes tricky when corporate processes are split into two larger process – for instance if the sales process gets to see only the meta data for the final product following the development process. Sales staff may be missing out on relevant data from the development phase. 

If products are returned, the warehouse may not know which departments/employees are responsible for returns. Searching for the employee in question often takes a long time, wasting a great deal of effort.

Changes and their effects on all people and components should be able to be tracked accurately and in relation to the issue or enquiry in question. A linked data search is a simple way to generate transparency for all the data related to a product (object). It shows users who developed a product, who revised it, who approved it and which components it contains. You no longer have to deal with inconsistencies in relation to configuration lifecycle management.

Your Benefit

Increased productivity thanks to speedier access to relevant information
Lower costs thanks to a comprehensive view of all information
Compliance with official product liability regulations thanks to transparent tracking of responsibility
Cost efficiency by making the most of all specialist knowledge

The solution provides staff with key added value by helping them to understand and track multi-faceted, technically demanding development processes. The time it takes for staff to research an issue goes from weeks to just a few clicks. The application provides engineers with full, contextual information in several languages at just the touch of a button. As a result, they find it easier to implement and understand changes based on circumstances within the company.

Linked data search solutions close the gaps between various systems in a heterogeneous IT landscape without requiring you to change established workflows. You are no longer constrained by boundaries between systems but do not need to spend precious time converting your company’s IT infrastructure because all your data remains in your existing applications.

Linked data search solutions are the next step in the evolution of data networks and visualisation

Frank Pospichil, Senior Project Manager at CONWEAVER GmbH

The strengths of Linksphere Terra modules come from their ability to connect all relevant data from various IT systems in a unique, consistent Terra data graph. They can deal with anything – regardless of whether the information relates to people, factories, parts, drawings, changes or requirements.

This virtual approach to data integration can be configured for employees and their roles (e.g. purchasing managers, quotation managers, safety forensic engineers or after sales managers).  As such, it can cater to specific tasks and the information needed by various roles.

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