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Linksphere Luna is our solution for comprehensive linked data management.

Use Case Requirements Tracking - ISO 26262

Application of ISO 26262 for security-relevant components: How do you make sure that these requirements are actually incorporated into the product development process? How are you able to verify that the requirements have been observed, applied, simulated and properly tested? 

Normally the process between formulating customer requirements and delivering a tested and secure product is not 100% transparent, meaning that it does always stand up under legal scrutiny.

With our linked data management solution, users are able to connect, say, the version number for a product component to the corresponding test and the employee ID number, thereby documenting that the check has in fact been performed.

As a result, you are able to prove to the world that your high-quality product has been tested for safety and back this up with a complete requirements tracking process.

What does a linked data management look like exactly?

The various Linksphere Luna modules and associated analysis workflows work together in a dynamic process to search a wide variety of applications for project data before then structuring it, translating it and linking it all together.

This creates an intelligent network of knowledge that spans the entire integrated data pool and enables users to conduct semantic – in other words, context-based – searches. This intuitive search engine can be used across your entire organisation and will plough all available sources of data with just a single request. It then displays the results in organised categories, which are up-to-date, bilingual and linked according to context.

Linked data management uses a different approach to conventional search engines. Using the company’s specialist data infrastructure, it extracts the optimum amount of data, links unstructured data to structured data and organises it all into a coherent network of knowledge. 

With Linksphere Luna, you can establish and apply new working patterns, such as model-based system engineering, and new requirements like ISO 26262. With Luna, you can also connect new data sets manually at just the touch of a button, creating a new unit of knowledge from several, unrelated objects

Your Benefit

Compliance with official product liability regulations thanks to transparent tracking of re-sponsibility
Improved standard of quality thanks accurate and valid data
Lower development costs thanks to a comprehensive view of all information
Increased productivity thanks to speedier access to relevant information

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