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Search - Traceability - Transparency - Changes - Requirements:Smart Networks with Linksphere Solutions

Our two standard products Linksphere Terra and Linksphere Luna can be configured to offer a wide array of solutions based on the two standard offerings of linked data search solutions and linked data management solutions. 

Both solutions can be customised to suit our clients’ requirements.

Clear visualisation of information from a wide array of systems:

Companies that are driven by innovation find themselves confronted with the same dilemma all the way through the product life cycle: Finding a way to deal with all their separate data sources, which are spread across the company and store information in a wide variety of applications. What's more, their value-creation chain is based on various complicated business processes which are linked to experts, business partners and service providers. When all of these factors come together, you end up with a lot of knowledge that is very tricky to get a handle of. In their attempts to collect, understand, publish and share key corporate information, employees often find the process to be extremely long, full of gaps and, ultimately, unproductive.

Traditional approaches to solving this dilemma, like Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) or Master Data Management (MDM) require a lot of resources and are long-winded , making them very hard to apply in day-to-day life. 

Automatic Data Networks:A Modular Data Network That Connects Systems

An approach which automatically connects data solves the problem of big data differently, namely by creating an automated and modular data network. This connects various systems across the company’s data landscape, without altering them in any way. As such, you can avoid monolithic and static systems, instead creating your own efficient solutions that can be adapted to customer requirements and use cases. This principle has excellent chances of success as pilot projects lasting just a few months, or even weeks, quickly reveal the benefits. To keep risks to a minimum, customers can start out with smaller test solutions before gradually building up larger solutions.

Our solutions are configured using the customer’s corporate structures and defined according to their information access rules. As soon as the graph has been created using the Linksphere modules, a regular flow of meta data from the source systems feed the graph on an ongoing basis. Defined security rules are applied throughout this process, making data accessible to only authorised users and approved systems.

Our solutions help customers to tackle the following challenges:

  • Product tracking
  • Traceability
  • Change impact
  • Data retrieval
  • Data integration
  • Requirements tracking

Your Benefit

Data transparency in dynamic networks
Lower costs thanks to reduced process complexity
Less time needed for searches thanks to more effective corporate processes
Minimal risks thanks to an ongoing IT migration process
High level of configuration with over 400 modules

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