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Developmental processes in Automotive are complex. All over the world, engineers contribute to the development of various vehicles. Such carmakers as General Motors (GM) therefore is various Product Data Management (PDM) Systems. Each with its own graphical user interface, self-contained and specific access logic. “Bridges” between the systems have not existed until recently.

Resulting knowledge barriers meant that designers were often able to identify the information required for their tasks only with delay or inadequately so. This made it difficult to follow their respective work context clearly and survey process operations, which hampered more targeted cooperation within the entire vehicle development cycle.

A high level of innovation has now been accomplished for our customer GM. As part of a pilot project, we were able to realize a product data support system within an extremely short space of time: research efforts that once took three weeks in heterogeneous development applications are now reduced to a few clicks within an overarching, intelligent, and intuitively operable application.

Those who live for cars need data transparency in engineering. CONWEAVER SmartSearch has made it possible.

Sylke Rosenplänter, Director Virtual Design Operations & Systems Development, Adam Opel AG

This was made possible by the information and research tool SmartSearch, developed by CONWEAVER. It analyses structured as well as unstructured PDM information, links them to each other based upon their content and thematic relations, and integrates everything in a knowledge network.

Significant value added: employees are now able to see through and comprehend multidimensional, technically demanding development processes in the best possible way. The application provides engineers with comprehensive, context related and multilingual information at the touch of a button. As a result, business related change requests can be retraced and decided upon more easily.

Take, for instance, stretching of a new car’s bodywork, which of course influences other parts. The documentation of arising effects and implementation of resulting constructional adaptations is vastly facilitated by SmartSearch. Change decisions, and their consequences, can now be tracked precisely to all persons and components involved in regard to the specific context or request.


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