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These days, companies around the world work with various development, construction and sales processes, applying an equally wide range of IT programs. IT landscapes have been streamlined along the value creation chain in a bid to cover all corporate processes. When it comes to handling data, companies are faced with challenges caused by the digitisation of product development, rising levels of complexity in products and increasing customisation.

Our product Terra is ideally suited to creating things like a linked data search solution: in other words, a search engine for multi-system requests that looks similar to conventional online search engines. It is also just as simple as an online engine, displaying enterprise-wide information in a clear overview, in a number of languages, up-to-date at all times and with the corresponding (enquiry) context. 

Identified as a Cool Vendor 2014 by Gartner (Gartner Cool Vendor 2014) for our unique approach to linked data searches, our solution uses structured and unstructured data to automatically generate knowledge networks. Visualising information with the help of a virtual database creates a new dimension of data transparency, significantly reducing complexity and speeding up information exchange processes.

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What is so special about Linksphere Terra?

Existing heterogeneous data from IT systems is compiled in a dynamic network. A default, customised set of regulations makes sure that Terra understands what type of network your company needs. 

In contrast to the wider spread data warehouse, Terra goes beyond simple (data) mapping by validating an extensive range of criteria and indices (such as the purpose of use, component number in a bill of material, etc.) and thereby creating relationships between information. Data is not only compressed but also linked together in a sensible and logical manner. Information is procured in several parallel and automatic processes. The identified data is visualised. However, in contrast to ETL tools (extract, transform, load), which also store the identified data, Terra pulls data from the Terra graph for each new request, meaning that it is always up-to-date.

With the help of special information access rules, which define the way in which Terra searches through the graphs that reflect the information network before filtering and displaying the results, you no longer need to invest lots of time in searches. They also make sure that employees can only access information that they are authorised to see.

Linksphere Terra’s approach to managing information networks is unique, making sure our solutions stand out from other competitors. The intelligent way in which it confines and connects information makes CONWEAVER Linksphere much more accurate, precise and speedier than conventional tools. 

The entire CONWEAVER Linksphere applies rule-based security guidelines in a closed and secure environment so that it is protected from third party access as well as unauthorised access from inside the network.

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