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Increasing Quality in Data Management: Linksphere Luna

If employees are expected to work smoothly and efficiently, huge quantities of structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of IT systems have to be collected as baseline data, synchronised and validated for use in critical corporate processes.

Normally, this data is stored in an assortment of formats or even in data silos. Linksphere Terra is on hand to link together existing data. However, if you want to go further and create and define previously unlinked relationships, you can do so using solutions that have been created with Linksphere Luna. You then end up with manually linked data that the system stores in a persistent network, which now displays all linked data at a glance.

Luna closes the gap between automated data networks and an employee’s expertise by enabling you to manually connect data of any kind for the first time. Luna releases your approach to integration from the confines of heterogeneous IT landscapes.

What is so special about Linksphere Luna?

Using a virtual meta data layer, Luna generates links in your process-relevant IT systems, thus breaking through boundaries between systems. As a result, you can improve the quality of your existing data over the long term.

A project manager can use Linksphere Luna to bring together individual product components (software, electronics, mechanics) and define them as new objects (baselining).

As soon as the Luna graph has been created along with its data streams and rules for accessing information, meta data flows out of the source systems and into the virtual data management platform, which can be added to and managed using expert application data. 

Security rules are applied to the entire course of the data streams so that only authorised users and systems are able to access and edit data.

Data networks for an integrated system approach

Web applications built on the basis of Linksphere Luna enable experts to link objects across the various departments in their company and beyond. For instance, they can define a baseline for products, synchronise various systems (e.g. eBOM – mBOM, two different BoM systems at a joint venture) and validate relationships between information.

Luna’s virtual data management tool closes the gap between different systems in heterogeneous IT landscapes, supporting integration by connecting functions with specific applications beyond system boundaries.

Linksphere Luna manages the version of each object over the long term: it shows the date on which it was created or edited, its author or editor, the source of the data, and any security or access restrictions.

The permanent functions for meta data storage, security checks and version management allow various users to access different views of a certain object at a certain time and then connect it to other objects without harming the data’s integrity.

The Benefit

Minimal risks thanks to the synchronisation of information
Lower costs as less time and effort is required for searching
Less time needed for searches as the system delivers precise results at a glance
Process support resulting from accurate workflows

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