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Innovation and Paradigm Shift:Linked Data Search and Linked Data Management

Your company probably has a lot of well-established IT system landscapes using various, heterogeneous data sources and containing huge quantities of data. Data is made up various types of media, uses different formats, comes in a range of languages and can be either structured or unstructured.

Everyday, staff use all of this different data – editing it, revising it, creating new versions, connecting it to other data, relinking it – therefore creating a data pool that is not only growing all the time, but also changing all the time. 

And while each user is well-versed in the systems they use everyday, looking for data outside of these systems’ boundaries takes a lot effort and is steeped with risks, as you never really know whether this information is correct and up-to-date.

Because searching for information requires all sources of information to be accessed and analysed manually, it not only takes up a great deal of precious time on a daily basis, it also creates a certain level of uncertainty when it comes to the validity of the results. The risk this presents is hard to define, leading to unsatisfactory results and delays to your workflow.

So what is the best way to find the right information quickly and securely in the face of ever-growing data pools and increasing levels of complexity? 

The answer to this is virtual data integration.

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Heterogeneous IT landscapes and proprietary data calls for new ideas in the field of virtual data integration and visualisation!

The linked data search and linked data management tools offered by our Linksphere product range provide speedy, reliable and comprehensive support in finding information and objects. Linksphere products help you to form dynamic links between your company’s data, breaking through the boundaries set by systems, languages and processes. Each employee can then access this data in accordance with the relevant security guidelines and rules. 

In view of all the IT systems (ERP, PDM, TDM, etc.) that form modules in modern IT landscapes, many companies want to make the most of synergies in their IT infrastructure and make sure the entire intelligent network is a whole lot more valuable than the sum of its parts. Product data is generally made up of corporate data (stored in ERP, CRM, SCM systems, etc.) and technical prod-uct data (stored in PDM, TDM systems, etc.). In many cases, all of these different aspects have to be linked together so that users can gain a full understanding of the item they are searching for. To do this, employees don’t even need to leave their favoured system environments. Instead, they use a linked data search which facilitates the search process and shows them information from beyond the boundaries of their system. Here, they can choose between a solution with its own user interface or an embedded search function, which means that you don’t even need to leave your normal working environment to access additional information.

Linked data: CONWEAVER Linksphere is available for two different tasks.

Linksphere Terra – Information procurement and data visualisation

In its bid to make the most of synergies, Linksphere Terra links all existing data and uses its dynamic data integration function to automatically generate the Terra graph. This graph plots all objects within your business (parts, components, drawings, simulations, costs, customers, contractors, experts, etc.) and their semantic relationships. Because the system always refers back to the objects’ original systems (and as a result, always visualises the most recent information), this virtual approach to data integration is automatic and up-to-date at all times. Within just a short space of time – a few months or even weeks – you will notice the benefits of searching beyond your system’s boundaries with our secure, speedy, convenient and comprehensive solution, which offers the added bonus of improving team work.

Linksphere Luna – Manual tool for linking data and improving the quality of data

Linksphere Luna enables you to break through the boundaries of heterogeneous IT landscapes when it comes to editing your workflows. This means that Luna not only able enables you to see all the information related to a particular object, it also allows you to define your own links between certain pieces of information. 

The Benefit

Data transparency through dynamic linking
Ideal support and data supply for corporate processes
Lower Costs thanks to reduced process complexity
Minimal risks thanks to an ongoing IT migration process
More effective corporate processes thanks to less time needed for searches

Configurable standard solution

As a configurable standard solution, CONWEAVER Linksphere builds on your existing IT systems and the data they use. You don’t have to change your workflows or infrastructures.

Instead, we configure a search engine adapted to suit your needs and IT landscape, saving you time and effort, offering added information security and allowing for speedy and simple operation. By defining roles and configuring corporate processes, you can rest assured that you get maximum benefit for your staff while keeping risks to a minimum. Efficient performance guaranteed!

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