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Marc Fauquembergue | 19th March 2020

CONWEAVER says Thank You!

Clearly, the current situation is anything but normal. Everyone is talking about the virus, but we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all those people out there who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic in hospitals, emergency services and doctors' offices. Not to forget the teachers and childcare workers who, despite closures, continue to look after the children and young people so that their parents can go to work. Many thanks also to all the people in the grocery stores, the staff of the public transport companies and whom we have forgotten here, that maintain normality. You are the lifeline of our society.

And if for many people the world is slowing down a bit due to changed working conditions, for the former in particular it is almost certainly spinning all the faster. Hats off to your performance! Let us stand together and support each other, because each of us can contribute our share, no matter how small. Therefore, pay attention to the hygiene measures, but most of all...

Stay at home, please!

Let's stay home and keep the curve flat



It's our social responsibility. We must "break the chains of infection", says Lothar Wieler, director of the Robert Koch Institute. At CONWEAVER we have therefore decided to work from home as of this week until further notice. Why? As an IT company, we have this possibility to limit infections, which is why we are doing so. It is important to avoid unnecessary risks and to protect not only our employees, but above all those relatives, acquaintances and friends who belong to the risk groups. This is our contribution, let us "keep the curve flat".

So: Caution yes, but please do not panic!

And once again. Innumerable fellow citizens make superhuman contributions, some of them on the job or voluntarily, for the benefit of us all. We would like to focus on these people in the near future and would be pleased if you would participate. Take part, draw attention to the everyday heroes!

Many thanks and take care of each other.




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