Press Release Video of the webinar "CPO-Code of PLM Openess" online (German only)

Tina Müller | 25th August 2018

All you need to know about the CPO- Code of PLM Openness in a webinar.

Together with one of the initiators of the CPO Dr. Dietmar Trippner (dreiconsult GbR) Joachim Caspar and Sebastian Dörr explain all important information about the Code of PLM Openness.

Learn everything about the Code of PLM Openness at first hand in the webinar: Dr. Dietmar Trippner, co-initiator of the code, explains the history of the CPO. He not only takes a look at the source of the code, but also explains the technical requirements for openness and specific user cases.

When openness is defined and companies commit themselves to implement it in systems, comparability and transparency arise.  

Dr.Dietmar Trippner, dreiconsult GbR


Joachim Caspar, project manager for CONWEAVER certification, on the other hand, describes how the CPO certification works and discusses the value of openness with Dr. Trippner. What benefits does it offer on the business side and ultimately for the end user?

The CPO helps us to identify and implement agile PLM strategies. 

Dr.Dietmar Trippner, dreiconsult GbR


Read the complete webinar description here

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