Press Release Video to Webinar „Agile Development & Design Thinking with CONWEAVER“ online (German only)

Tina Müller | 19th February 2018

Joachim Caspar and Marc Fauquembergue talk about fast project implementation, flexible adaptations and quick feasibility analysis with the Linked Data Layer.

The time in which products were developed behind closed doors for years until they reached perfection is long gone. Increasingly shorter product lifecycles and a wide variety of variants require even faster development times. New methods such as agile development and design thinking take this into account and are being used more and more.

Agile development requires reliable data and information in order to be able to react quickly to internal and external changes. If this is also done within interdisciplinary, creative teams as prescribed by the approach of design thinking, old methods and tools quickly reach their limits. 

In this webinar, you will learn how Proof of Concepts configured in a week's time allows you to quickly start projects and demonstrate the feasibility of use cases. Adapt flexibly in the course of the process, integrating the requirements of your customers, business units and the knowledge of your employees. Free up synergy effects and resources through cross-domain transparency and traceability of decisions and relations.

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