Press Release Resume of the prostep ivip Symposium 2018

Tina Müller | 15th May 2018

Two days symposium - 25 years prostep ivip

For the 21st time the prostep ivip Symposium took place in Munich on 18th and 19th April 2018. The event was held under a special motto: "25 years of prostep ivip". We are also looking forward to a memorable highlight and look back on a successful event with interesting contacts, new impulses and our exciting booth talks. 

This year's prostep ivip Symposium was all about agility. It was not only the topic of the official event programme, but also the main focus of our booth talks, which took place for the first time this year. The discussion with the CIO R&D of a leading German OEM aroused great interest. He spoke about the end of the great monolithic systems. Modularity is now seen as an obvious approach, with networking as the core element.

Presentation of the CPO certification document

At the same time, he described the most important requirements for the CPO - Code of PLM Openness. An important topic not only for tomorrow's IT infrastructure, but also for CONWEAVER. We were the first company ever to be certified and received the CPO certification document along with other vendors. 

Code of PLM Openness (CPO) is aligned with thyssenkrupp´s efforts to define PLM target architecture, […]. [It] is a key quality instrument for cooperation with IT-providers within an open and adaptive environment.

Dr. Youssef Aidi, Corporate Process Manager PLM of thyssenkrupp AG @prostep ivip Symposium 2018


In an age of increasing complexity through Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT), the certification guarantees the openness of corporate IT landscapes and at the same time a simple system integration. This makes modern IT systems more agile.

The certification ensures that standards are not only CPO defined but also have been operationalized which is becoming one of the key criteria in the selection and decision process.

Joachim Schmider, VP Enterprise IT Architecture, Schaeffler AG @prostep ivip Symposium 2018


Professor Vahid Salehi as guest at our booth talksProfessor Vahid Salehi of the Munich University of Applied Sciences also addressed this aspect. Agile processes and systems overcome the often cumbersome processes and technologies of the past. However, a critical consideration was given to the question of how long this would take with the existing organisational structures.

An important pillar of our agile orientation is the focus on modern, flexible and above all open architectures and systems. […]  The "Code of PLM Openness (CPO)" supports us in this.

BMW Group IT participants @prostep ivip Symposium 2018


Nevertheless, and this is precisely why the CPO is seen as the strategic foundation of the future. Dr. Dietmar Trippner of dreiconsult GbR also came to this conclusion. He briefly explained to what extent the spectrum of discussions at the symposium has expanded. While in the past everything revolved around development, it is recognizable that companies nowadays also want or have to consider planning, production, after sales, etc. more holistically. 

Dr. Dietmar Trippner with Sebastian DörrIn the same direction was the closing keynote speech on "Smart Engineering: Change of product development caused by digitalization" by Dirk Spindler (member of the Supervisory Board of Schaeffler AG), which also emphasized the increased importance of agile methods and processes for accelerated product development in times of IoT and Industrial 4.0.

"700 participants, 70 speakers and 40 exhibitors speak for themselves - the prostep ivip Symposium has established itself in the industry as a meeting place and think tank. This year we look back on a successful event with new impulses, a special award as well as a meeting with old and new contacts. We congratulate the prostep ivip association on its 25th anniversary" sums up Thomas Kamps, CEO of CONWEAVER.

We will also be back at the 22nd edition of the prostep ivip Symposium from 9th to 10th April 2019 in Stuttgart.


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