Press Release 100 days CONWEAVER with Michael Hecker

Tina Müller | 7th June 2021

New VLOG post on YouTube [German only]

Press Release Unleash the Value of Data Context with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Marc Fauquembergue | 5th May 2021

CONWEAVER Corporate Teaser online

Press Release Dr. Michael Hecker is the new Senior Vice President Customer Management

Tina Müller | 22nd March 2021

New member in the management of CONWEAVER

Press Release Merry Christmas

Tina Müller | 16. Dezember 2020

...and a healthy New Year 2021

Press Release #LinkedCommunity - CONWEAVER supports two associations in Darmstadt

Tina Müller | 16th December 2020

This year, a total of 1,000 € will go to Darmstädter Tafel e.V. and the TU Social Fund

Press Release CONWEAVER Fun Friday #2

Tina Müller | 12th November 2020

Diamond theft at security company Foxhole Enterprise. Who is the robber?

Pressemitteilung Knowledge Graphs Add Meaning to the Entire Picture

Tina Müller | 27. Juli 2020

Thoughts and Ideas by Conweaver CEO Dr. Thomas Kamps in d1g1tal Agenda 02/2020

Press Release COVID-19 Digital Containment (Video in German only)

Tina Müller| 15th June 2020

Flattening the Curve with Knowledge Graphs

Press Release Linked Data for Data Governance & Advanced Analytics

Marc Fauquembergue | 22nd April 2020

BARC identifies Linked Data approach as innovative solution beyond engineering and manufacturing

Press Release Knowledge Graph Aid – COVID-19

Michael Graf | 31st March 2020

CONWEAVER's Solidarity

Press Release Of everyday heroes and everyone!

Marc Fauquembergue | 19th March 2020

CONWEAVER says Thank You!

Press Release 1st CONWEAVER Fun Friday

Marc Fauquembergue | 24th January 2020

Against each other for togetherness

Press Release Merry Christmas

Tina Müller | 16th December 2019

... and a happy New Year

Press Release Data Linking: CONWEAVER and T-Systems agree on Collaboration

T-Systems and CONWEAVER | 18th November 2019

T-Systems and CONWEAVER cooperate in the area of data linking. E.g. for Bosch the two companies jointly developed a trendsetting solution for implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA). With the PDM WebConnector,...

Press Release Video invitation to 6th Linked Data Day

Tina Müller | 16th October 2019

Link different, for a data driven strategy.

Press Release Sponsors for the World Cafés at the 6th Linked Data Day are confirmed

Tina Müller | 14th October 2019

Mrs. Sylke Rosenplänter and Mr. Bastian Kreft are looking forward to exciting discussions.

Press Release Quality assurance at Continental - Customer presentation at the 6th Linked Data Day 2019

Marc Fauquembergue | 11th October 2019

Dr. Jochen Hechler on Data Sovereignty in Fast Changing Environments

Pressemitteilung Linked Data Speaker Prof. Oliver Riedel about "Trends towards Engineering Excellence"

Tahseena Khan | 1st October 2019

Top research for entrepreneurial practice - Linking engineering and production in times of disruptive change

Press Release Linked Data for Analytics: Dr. Carsten Bange at the 6th Linked Data Day hosted by CONWEAVER

Loan Nguyen | 25. September 2019

Dr. Carsten Bange reports on the latest findings and interesting facts from the field of data science and business intelligence.

Press Release HELLA chooses Linksphere

Marc Fauquembergue | 19th September 2019

1st tier supplier newest CONWEAVER customer

Publication Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch about AI and Digital Transformation on the 6th Linked Daya Day

Marc Fauquembergue | 10th September 2019

AI as megatrend of digital transformation - how Smart Data and AI change companies, markets and brands

Press Release Continental goes for Linksphere

Tina Müller | 1st September 2019

CONWEAVER is pleased to announce further top automotive suppliers as customers

Press Release Linked Data Day Landing Page now online

Tina Müller | 30th August 2019

Link Different!

Press Release Linked Data Speaker Carsten Bange is Top Influencer in Data Science and BI

Tina Müller | 22th August 2019

World's largest online community and leading publisher of knowledge resources for software developer DZone lists Dr. Carsten Bange in its Top 10.

Press Release #LinkedCommunity - CONWEAVER is committed to helping ill children

Tina Müller | 2nd April 2019

CONWEAVER supports the non-profit association Verein für krebskranke und chronisch kranke Kinder Darmstadt Rhein-Main-Necker e.V. (Association for Children with Cancer and Chronic Illness Darmstadt) with donations

Press Release Linked Data Day - Secure your Early Bird Ticket now!

Tina Müller | 12th March 2019

Until 15th of March you can still register for early booking conditions!

Publication Change of Event Date: konaktiva 2019

Tina Müller | 27th Februar 2019

CONWEAVER already attending konaktiva 2019 on 7th May

Pressemitteilung Results Paper of Workshop Linked Data 2018 now also available in English and in print

Tina Müller | 08th February 2019

All important information for you to browse through and for your partners abroad available as English translation

Press Release CONWEAVER on the Test Bench at MAN

Tina Müller | 20th December 2018

We are pleased about the evaluation at the MAN Truck & Bus AG

Press Release Results Paper of Workshop Linked Data 2018 now online

Tina Müller | 19th December 2018

The summary of the workshop as reading for the holidays

Press Release CONWEAVER is happy about Evaluation at CONTINENTAL Teves

Tina Müller | 18th December 2018

Great success for CONWEAVER

Press Release CONWEAVER is happy about Evaluation at Hella

Tina Müller | 17th December 2018

Linksphere Terra on the test bench

Press Release CONWEAVER is Part of the CPO Core Team

Tina Müller | 4th December 2018

Vice President Sales Sebastian Dörr represents CONWEAVER in the CPO Core Team

Press Release Darmstadt - Digital City of the Future

Tina Müller | 12th November 2018

Darmstadt ranked number 1 in the sustainability ranking of cities

Press Release Challenge Your Peers

Tina Müller | 8th November 2018

CONWEAVER represented at the Smart Automotive Variant CON with Challenge Your Peers Session

Press Release CONWEAVER in continuous growth

Tina Müller | 6th November 2018

Expansion of the Management

Press Release Workshop Linked Data 2018: Extended Concept Inspires Participants

Tina Müller | 5th November 2018

Inspiring lectures, discussion-packed World Cafés - the Linked Data Workshop 2018 was once again a complete success.

Press Release prostep ivip Sympsium 2019 - We are part of it again!

Tina Müller | 1st November 2018

30 lectures and 70 speakers on current digitization topics

Press Release The Digital Twin for vehicles becomes reality

Tina Müller | 5th October 2018

Daimler relies on CONWEAVER Linksphere Terra solution for "Data Layer" in PDM 2020 program

Press Release Video of the webinar "CPO-Code of PLM Openess" online (German only)

Tina Müller | 25th August 2018

All you need to know about the CPO- Code of PLM Openness in a webinar.

Press Release CONWEAVER debut at Lilien Charity Cup 2018

Tina Müller | 26th June 2018

Fun and numerous triumphs at the Lilien Charity Cup for the CONWEAVER team.

Press Release Resume of the prostep ivip Symposium 2018

Tina Müller | 15th May 2018

Two days symposium - 25 years prostep ivip

Press Release Openness confirmed: CONWEAVER receives CPO certification

Tina Müller | 18th April 2018

CPO as a guarantee for openness and simple integration of IT systems

Press Release "IT Systems for Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) - The Value of Openness" now available as special print

Tina Müller | 14th March 2018

The plea for the "Code of PLM Openness" by Dr. Dietmar Trippner, Dr. Michael Stephan and Amelie Leipprand, first published in the journal DIN Mitteilungen in September 2017, is now available as a special print for you.

Press Release Video to Webinar „Agile Development & Design Thinking with CONWEAVER“ online (German only)

Tina Müller | 19th February 2018

Joachim Caspar and Marc Fauquembergue talk about fast project implementation, flexible adaptations and quick feasibility analysis with the Linked Data Layer.

Press Release CONWEAVER is very happy to receive Daimler contract

Tina Müller | 8th January 2018

Linksphere Terra is used in the PDM 2020 programme

Press Release #LinkedCommunity - CONWEAVER is committed to charity in Darmstadt

Tina Müller | 20th December 2017

CONWEAVER supports Computerwerk Darmstadt e. V.

Press Release "IT Systems for Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) - The Value of Openness" has been published in Japan

Tina Müller | 30th November 2017

A plea for the "Code of PLM Openness" by Dr. Dietmar Trippner, Dr. Michael Stephan and Amelie Leipprand in the journal DIN Mitteilungen

Press Release CONWEAVER is now a GfSE member

Tina Müller | 2nd November 2017

We are dedicated to the future of Systems Engineering

Press Release CONWEAVER celebrates its 10th birthday

Marc Fauquembergue | 1st November 2017

One decade of CONWEAVER software solutions from the centre of Darmstadt.

Press Release Video to webinar "The Linksphere Configurator" online (German only)

Marc Fauquembergue | July 13, 2017

About the functionality of our Linksphere Configurator

Press Release Video to Webinar "Traceability in Systems Engineering" online (German only)

Marc Fauquembergue | June 27, 2017

About Aspirations, Reality, Requirements and Solution Opportunities in Systems Engineering

Pressemitteilung Video to webinar "Linked Data Search vs. Federated Search" online (German only)

Marc Fauquembergue | June 8, 2017

How do I get an answer to a question along all relevant source systems in a single, simple view?

Pressemitteilung [Translate to English:] TdSE - Tag des Systems Engineering 2016/Tool Vendor Project CONWEAVER

Annette Hempel | 3. November 2016

[Translate to English:] Ein Linked Data Layer für (Model Based) Systems Engineering

Press Release Eager to implement exciting projects?

IT Project Manager (f/m) wanted

Press Release Is there a Future for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in the Age of Digitization?

Marc Fauquembergue | 28th July 2016

Future PLM Thesis Paper published

Press Release ENTOURAGE among the winners in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s Smart Service World competition

Joachim Caspar | March 23, 2016

Project seeks to build a bridge connecting the Internet of Things with smart assistance systems

Press Release Workshop at ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2016

Marc Fauquembergue | March 3, 2016

Improved Consistency in Collaborations – but how?

Press Release Successful conclusion of ZIM research project on in-memory, parallelization and scheduling optimization

Joachim Caspar | March 2, 2016

CONWEAVER GmbH strengthens its technology base with results from a completed research project.

Press Release Presentation content PI Munich 2016 specified

Marc Fauquembergue | February 16, 2016

Collaboration across Engineering Domains & Divisions at PI Munich 2016

Publication Dynamic data linking reduces process complexity economically

Source: ProSTEP iViP ProduktData Journal 2/2015 Dr. Thomas Kamps

Dr. Thomas Kamps for the ProSTEP iViP ProduktData Journal about standardization approaches for authoring and legacy systems, the mastering of shadow IT software and how to ensure that everybody involved is provided with sound...

Press Release Successful Closing Event of Joint Research Project opTRAC

Das Konsortium, red. Caspar | November 9, 2015

Presentations and exciting discussions on a spectrum of subjects: »ISO 26262 and traceability« at the closing event of the joint research project opTRAC on October 16, 2015 in Berlin.

Press Release Resume of the Daimler EDM CAE Forum 2015

Marc Fauquembergue | July 24, 2015

Two days within the Daimler world with 5,100 participants

Press Release CONWEAVER again focal point of Gartner analysts in 2015

Marc Fauquembergue | April 16, 2015

Repeated mention as innovative software company in Gartner Cool Vendor Report 2015

Press Release Fraunhofer IPK & CONWEAVER with shared paper

Marc Fauquembergue| March 3, 2015

“Where Business and Research Converge” – 18th IFF Science Days 2015

Press Release “No walk in the park” - PLM System Switch at Daimler

Marc Fauquembergue | January 19, 2015

Prof. Katzenbach about Daimlers' radical system swob from Dassault’s CATIA to Siemens PLM’s NX.

Press Release Lecture: Heterogeneous system landscapes at Bosch

Marc Fauquembergue | January 14, 2015

Project report selected for ProSTEP iViP 2015

Press Release Final Report Research Project InDiNet Online

Marc Fauquembergue | December 08, 2014

Service Platform Through Apps Integration for The Internet of The Future

Press Release CIE 2014 Leadership Award to Board Member Prof. Katzenbach

Marc Fauquembergue | September 12, 2014

CONWEAVER advisory board member Prof. Alfred Katzenbach first European to be honored with the award

Press Release „Keeping both feet firmly on the ground“ – The story behind the story

Marc Fauquembergue | September 09, 2014

Dr. Thomas Kamps in an interview with HEINERTOWN.DE

Press Release Robert Bosch to rely on CONWEAVER

Marc Fauquembergue | August 22, 2014

World's leading supplier latest CONWEAVER customer

Press Release Picture Gallery SAP Innovation Days 2014

Marc Fauquembergue | July 24, 2014

Impressions of SAP's Think Tank in Frankfurt, Germany on July 3-4, 2014

Press Release Project page opTRAC online

Marc Fauquembergue | July 17, 2014

Complete information about the Joint Research Project now available online

Press Release News From the Cluster

Marc Fauquembergue | July 08, 2014

Software-Cluster designing platforms for innovative internet services

Press Release Hidden IT Champions - The Consequences of Success

Marc Fauquembergue | July 07, 2014

The Wall Street Journal about IT leaders in Germany’s Southwest that nobody knows of

Press Release Picture gallery SAP Automotive Forum 2014

Marc Fauquembergue | July 04, 2014

Impressions of the forum in Leipzig on July 1 & 2, 2014

Press Release Gartner “Cool Vendor” Report 2014

Marc Fauquembergue | June 05, 2014

CONWEAVER recognized as a Cool Vendor in “Product Design and Life Cycle Management”

Press Release New EU study confirms the leading role of the Software Cluster

Marc Fauquembergue | May 07, 2014

Darmstadt ranked among top IT locations

Pressemitteilung Press release Software-Cluster CeBIT 2014

Marc Fauquembergue | March 03, 2014

Next Monday the CeBIT opens its doors again. As part of the research projects InDiNet and SWINNG CONWEAVER is again part of the software event and will present results of the mentioned projects. For comprehensive...

Press Release ERM.Days postponed

Marc Fauquembergue | February 14, 2014

ProSTEP iViP e.V. summit will not take place as planned on February 18 & 19

Press Release CeBIT 2014: CONWEAVER & Software-Cluster

Marc Fauquembergue | February 05, 2014

Presentation of research projects InDiNet & SWINNG

Press Release Keynote at Opening Ceremony

Marc Fauquembergue | February 05, 2014

CONWEAVER CEO Dr. Thomas Kamps with keynote at Opening Ceremony of SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam

Press Release Corporate heavyweights inspire CONWEAVER

Dr. Thomas Kamps | 17.12.2013

High-caliber advisory board established

Press Release Co-workers wanted: All signs point towards growth

Marc Fauquembergue | 16.12.2013

CONWEAVER keeps on growing / Help wanted!

Press Release Presentation online: Growth through specialization on PDM/PLM solutions

Joachim Caspar | 11.12.2013

On November 12th, 2013, the third Software-Cluster innovation fair took place at the FZI House of Living Labs in Karlsruhe, Germany. Eight innovators presented success stories from research, start-ups, and established...

Press Release SignalTracing Research Project successfully completed

Joachim Caspar | 02.07.2013

On May 28, 2013, the results of the ’SignalTracing – Detecting Early Market And Technology Signals With Software Support‘ model project were presented before experts of the HessenAgentur.

Press Release CONWEAVER has become new software and technology partner of Siemens PLM Software

Stefan Garhammer | 01.07.2013

CONWEAVER cooperates since 2013 with Siemens PLM Software, the leading IT provider in product lifecycle management (PLM).

Press Release Emergent software becomes tangible: Successful completion of the first two projects by Spitzencluster

Joachim Caspar | 19.06.2013

The final presentation of the two Software-Cluster projects “Fundamentals of Emergent Software” and “Process Innovation Within the Software Industry” took place at the Fraunhofer-Center in Kaiserslautern on June 18, 2013. The...

Publication Dynamic Data Linking Makes Complex Core Processes In Manufacturing Transparent

Source: ProduktDaten Journal (Year 20, issue 1, 2013)

Companies in manufacturing are nowadays confronted with increasing complexity in product life cycles due to multi-project structures and short innovation periods.

Press Release Interdisciplinary editorial in “Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik“

Joachim Caspar | 10.06.2013

The article "From business model to business process and back - configuration, analysis, transformation, controlling" has been accepted for publication in the journal HMD „Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik“.

Press Release Company Relocation: CONWEAVER GmbH at new premises since 01.06.2013

Stefan Garhammer | 02.06.2013

An increase of about 30% in the number of employees within a few months and a significant increase in projects with major corporations – based on this steady growth in customer and internal expansion, CONWEAVER reacted by moving...

Press Release Optimizing business models and developmental processes: New tools from Software-Cluster

Joachim Caspar | 03.05.2013

Two new tools from the Software-Cluster help corporations to review and further develop their business models as well as software development processes.

Press Release CONWEAVER approach hot topic at ”IT-Trends 2013“

Stefan Garhammer | 02.05.2013

The management and IT consulting firm Capgemini recently interviewed volunteers from the executive and senior management level who were able to comment on the strategic IT activity of their company. They confirmed what analysts...

Press Release Successfull participation of CONWEAVER at ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2013

Stefan Garhammer | 30.04.2013

The overwhelming response of the manufacturing industry at the 16th ProSTEP iViP Symposium (April 16 to 17 in Hannover) emphasizes its status as a globally recognised, high quality and independent PLM event. This year’s record...

Press Release Optimization of core processes in the manufacturing industry: research project started for application-oriented traceability in the development of embedded systems

Joachim Caspar | 29.04.2013

After two projects in Software-Spitzencluster and the project “SignalTracing”, the collaborative project “opTRAC” started on March 1, 2013 for CONWEAVER. Its aim is to improve the traceability of changes in the design of embedded...

Press Release CeBIT 2013: Software-Cluster illustrates cross-company value chains

Joachim Caspar | 27.02.2013

At this year’s CeBIT in Hannover from March 5 to 9, the German Software-Cluster – which CONWEAVER belongs to – will present current research results at the booth of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Press Release General Motors (GM) testing CONWEAVER’s “Smart Search”

Stefan Garhammer | 15.11.2012

Automotive development processes are complex. They involve engineers from around the world contributing to the creation of different vehicle models. To do so they use a wide variety of Product Data Management (PDM) systems. Each...

Press Release CONWEAVER GmbH Continues to Grow: Second Round of Financing Finalized with Schefter Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Fraunhofer Venture

Stefan Garhammer | 30.10.2012

Bonn Investor Supports Development of Darmstadt Software Provider Starting September – Goal Is Establishment in Billion Dollar Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Market.