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Marc Fauquembergue | September 09, 2014

Dr. Thomas Kamps in an interview with HEINERTOWN.DE

In an interview with HEINERTOWN.DE publisher and editor Uwe Lorenz, CONWEAVER CEO Dr. Thomas Kamps gave insight into his personal career, what drives him as well as the CONWEAVER success story. Read the entire interview here:

Carriers: This Darmstadt entrepreneur is a world leader with his company

Darmstadt 08.09.2014

Thomas Kamps, founder and managing partner of Darmstadt based Conweaver GmbH has achieved, what so many entrepreneurs dream of. The doctor in computer science developed the company, founded in 2007, into the leader of intelligent software for automated data linking within just seven years.

Proof of having done something right, given the accolade, so to speak, came for Kamps in this year’s month of June. Experts of the American IT analyst Gartner recognized the founder’s company in one of its reports as a global driver for innovation. What you need to know is: For information technology specialists, regardless of whether they live in San Francisco or in Krasnoyarsk, a positive mention in a Gartner report is similar significant as the benevolent comment of a Guide Michelin or Gault-Millau-tester for a top chef.

Dr. Thomas Kamps in the Interview with HEINERTOWN.DE

Kamps, born in Saarbrücken and now living in Darmstadt for 30 years, won over the analysts from Stamford (Connecticut) with a software solution that is second to none worldwide. Where the founder’s software is employed, it is possible to provide technical information in multinational corporations within seconds that previously were subject to tedious research work for weeks or months.

Imagine the Software – Kamps prefers other comparisons here – being a scientific, turbo version of the internet search engine Google, customed to the needs of international corporations. An automotive engineer, for example, is in need of construction details to a component. Thanks to Kamps, he now only has to type in the appropriate term and he instantly is not only given related construction drawings and calculations, but also email addresses and phone numbers of co-workers already associated with the topic.

I have no use for mediocrities, I always wanted the one hundred percent.

Thomas Kamps, CEO CONWEAVER GmbH


Conweaver belongs to those “Cool Vendors” that “enhance collaboration, workflow and data reliability needed to streamline activities such as product design, manufacturing, introduction, and service” according to the Gartner analysts speaking of the benefit Kamps offers to his customers.

By now, the list of enterprises and institutions trusting the solution out of Darmstadt in automated data linking is impressive. General Motors is one of them, even Fiat, Siemens, Bilfinger SE, the Fraunhofer Society, BASF, Fresenius and Daimler are listed. Almost always it's about enabling research and development engineers to collaborate more quickly, more efficiently and thus even more cost effective.

“I have no use for mediocrities” says Kamps, “I always wanted the one hundred percent. At Conweaver we currently sense that certain momentum. The company has the potential for further growth. What matters now is that we can maintain our position as a global technology leader and tomorrow and tomorrow".

Self-confident, combative phrases are only partially relevant in order fully grasp the man Kamps. If you immerse yourself in conversation with the Darmstadt business owner, you will hear pensive, sensitive thoughts. The story of this SME business man is also a story of a man who never gave up. “It’s important to believe in your dream”, he tells, “and that you embrace times in which you are forced into slowness and reflection.”

What are the key success factors for him? “You have to keep both feet firmly on the ground, be patient and stay humble. Success will follow.”


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