Pressemitteilung Linked Data Speaker Prof. Oliver Riedel about "Trends towards Engineering Excellence"

Tahseena Khan | 1st October 2019

Top research for entrepreneurial practice - Linking engineering and production in times of disruptive change

In the course of automation, the linking of data is becoming increasingly important. Prof. Dr. Oliver Riedel will speak on the 6th Linked Data Day about how the combination of linking and Artificial Intelligence, for example, can be used to automate business processes and what benefits they generate in engineering and production.

Prof. Oliver Riedel am 6. Linked Data DayWe are particularly pleased that we were able to win one of the automation experts as a speaker. With his extensive experience in research, production and product development, he bridges the gap between practice and research as former head of process integration and information management at AUDI AG and current director of the Fraunhofer IAO as well as the Institute for Control Technology of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Facilities (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart.

More about his lecture in the following abstract.

Trends towards Engineering Excellence (Abstract)

Facing current challenges, such as demographics or globalization, change gets more and more disruptive. Amongst many abbreviations such as AI [Artificial Intelligence], ASE [Average Squared Error], CPS [Cyber Physical System], … we will have a closerlook at the effects of these changes within the engineering and production domain. Where can we link engineering and production for the better? Where are the current advanced research fields, what are hot research topics around advanced systems engineering and how can applied science in industrial applications help you? And let’s not forget, that most systems have humans in the center.

(Translated by CONWEAVER)


Vita Prof. Oliver Riedel

6th Linked Data Day Logo CONWEAVERProf. Oliver Riedel has been investigating the fundamentals and the practical application of virtual protection methods in product development and production for more than 25 years. He studied engineering cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart, where he also did his doctoral studies in the Faculty of Design and Production Technology. He subsequently headed numerous projects to introduce virtual methods in major international automotive companies and in the energy sector. After working at Fraunhofer IAO, he took on management positions at CENIT AG Systemhaus and Silicon Graphics Inc. in the area of professional services for virtual product development. He subsequently joined AUDI AG, where he was responsible for process integration and for information management in the product process before moving on to the Volkswagen Group in 2010 as director of information technology and product process integration. In 2012, he assumed responsibility for managing the planning processes and coordinating production-related IT at AUDI AG. Prof. Riedel has been Head of the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart and holder of the IT for Production chair since November 2016. At the same time, he returned to Fraunhofer IAO as a member of the steering committee. He has now been appointed to the institute’s management team.

Source & picture: Oliver Riedel


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