Press Release Linked Data Speaker Carsten Bange is Top Influencer in Data Science and BI

Tina Müller | 22th August 2019

World's largest online community and leading publisher of knowledge resources for software developer DZone lists Dr. Carsten Bange in its Top 10.

Dr. Carsten Bange, BARCWho are you following on Twitter? According to DZone you should listen to the tweets of Dr. Carsten Bange (@carstenbange) for interesting information on Business Intelligence and Data Science. He continuously shares interesting articles and news, which will cause the number of his followers to grow immensely in the near future according to the portal.

On the 6th Linked Data Day, Mr. Bange will talk about "Linked Data for Analytics". We are looking forward to the answers and are pleased to present Dr. Carsten Bange, one of the industry's top visionaries.

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Vita Dr. Carsten Bange

In addition to his role as founder and CEO of the Business Application Research Center (BARC), Dr. Carsten Bange is a member of the CXP Group Executive Board. As one of the leading experts for the targeted use of information technology in the area of data management and BI, he has frequently used his knowledge and experience. He is also a speaker at conferences and seminars, a coach and strategy consultant for numerous companies of all sizes and industries, and an author of numerous publications and market studies.

Source & Picture: BARC


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