Press Release Workshop Linked Data 2018: Extended Concept Inspires Participants

Tina Müller | 5th November 2018

Inspiring lectures, discussion-packed World Cafés - the Linked Data Workshop 2018 was once again a complete success.

Workshop Linked Data 2018

Nearly 40 proven experts of the distinctive manufacturing industry gathered together for the exclusive Linked Data workshop in Darmstadt. In this year, the focus was on "Data Layer & Digital Twin" and for the first time in the Linked Data series, on two following days.

Great circle of participants, all from the field, allowing quick mutual understanding, open discussions at a high level. Super!

Participant‘s voice


Practice Day

Stenzel and Degaetano on the Workshop Linked Data 2018

The first day was all about CONWEAVER. Packed into three thematic blocks, our colleagues provided a lot of interesting information on the topics of strategy, technology and project experience. The aim was to give customers and interested parties a glimpse behind the scenes and to provide first-hand information on developments and assessments, as well as concrete implementations.

Ice Breaker

Lamprecht on the Workshop Linked Data 2018

The transition to the discussions on the next day was remarkably successful thanks to the icebreaker session by Thomas Lamprecht (Robert Bosch GmbH). Using tangible examples from product development, he illustrates the benefits of the Digital Twin and the constant availability of data based on Linked Product Data. According to Lamprecht, digital images are a key element for future business models.


PDM 2020 Workshop Linked Data 2018

The second workshop day ( Strategy Day ) started with an inspiring keynote on the PDM2020 program of the Daimler AG, presented by Heike Halkenhäußer and Ralf Rentschler. In particular, the added value of the Digital Twin was discussed, but also the general objectives of the program were explained. The experts also commented on the role of the PDM Data Layer architecture as an enabler for the implementation of use cases and beyond, as well as CONWEAVER's technological contribution to the implementation of the layer.

Time to talk - the World Cafés

Workshop Linked Data 2018 World Cafe

As in the years before, our World Cafés were the focus of attention. At the four tables on the topics "Linked Data & Architecture", "UX & Users", "Linked Data in the Marketplace" and "Virtual Greenfield?" discussions were more intense than ever before.

Very broad discussion, but thereby also many different points of view touched upon.

Participant's voice


Workshop Linked Data 2018 World Cafe

The findings and results of this discussion were summarized and presented to all participants at the end of the workshop. For all those who could not attend: A detailed summary will be available soon in our results brochure for the Linked Data Workshop 2018.

>> Request brochure

The Minds of the Geniuses

Mankevich on the Workshop Linked Data 2018

At the end of our event, Maxim Mankevich used his role model Leornardo Da Vinci, among others, to demonstrate how an outstanding life is possible and how extraordinary successes is achieved. He illustrated how ideas and creativity can be used and how everyone can develop their own genius.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all participants. Special thanks go to our speakers and patrons, whose contributions have made the event a success.

We are looking forward to the Linked Data Workshop 2019.

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