Pressemitteilung Knowledge Graphs Add Meaning to the Entire Picture

Tina Müller | 27. Juli 2020

Thoughts and Ideas by Conweaver CEO Dr. Thomas Kamps in d1g1tal Agenda 02/2020

Knowledge Graphs | Connecting Data silos | Connecting Linked Knowledge | Digitisation | Knowledge Representation |Thomas Kamps CONWEAVER

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digital ecosystems of knowledge graphs

Connecting linked knowledge via business-related data silos is essential for economic survival, i.e. to withstand the increasing efficiency and innovation pressure of digitisation. Competitive advantages can only be gained by making this knowledge quickly and easily accessible to both man and machine. To achieve this, our CEO Thomas Kamps talks about Knowledge Graphs as the "most natural way" of representing knowledge.

You can read exactly what this is all about exclusively in the download of the article from the d1g1tal AGENDA 2/2020 issue.

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