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Michael Graf | 31st March 2020

CONWEAVER's Solidarity

Linksphere Knowledge Graph Aid | Fighting Corona Virus | COVID-19 | Solidarity | CONWEAVER helps!

In face of the worsening COVID 19 crisis, CONWEAVER has decided to offer our software and services free of charge to customers, interested parties and the general public, if we can directly or indirectly contribute to saving lives.

Manufacturers of medical equipment are currently having difficulties in producing the quantities needed. We note that our customers in the automotive industry are making efforts to produce more ventilators and other medical equipment. GM has even been ordered to do so by the US government. Knowldge Graph Aid

Now it is up to us to make a solidarity contribution where it is possible. Our expertise lies in the ability to automate very large amounts of data from a wide variety of data worlds and to link them together very quickly (within a few weeks). This creates specialist contexts which make conclusions and evaluations possible very quickly.

We have already proven our expertise with our customers General Motors, Bosch, Volkswagen, Daimler, etc., but also in the context of cooperation projects between automotive companies.

We would like to make our Linksphere platform and our solution competence available within the framework of the above mentioned goal of saving lives. Our platform is suitable for:

  1. Support of medical device manufacturers, especially with regard to challenges in engineering and production
  2. Support for development, production and supply cooperation between medical equipment manufacturers and their partners (e.g. automotive OEM)
  3. Improving of the information chain on COVID-19

We envision making a contribution to the rapid provision of solutions within the framework of company cooperations. We would like to motivate everyone who can use support for these issues to contact us. We are happy to help! Together we are strong!


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