Press Release Linked Data for Data Governance & Advanced Analytics

Marc Fauquembergue | 22nd April 2020

BARC identifies Linked Data approach as innovative solution beyond engineering and manufacturing

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Today, nearly all businesses are facing their very own Digital Transformation. “For some, it’s about survival, as the handling of data is taking on a critical new meaning” (BARC). In our projects along the product Lifecycle (PLC) domains of engineering and manufacturing, Linked Data has shown to be very capable of breaking open data silos, thus connecting and gaining access to the entire enterprise knowledge. In our brave new data world, holistic access to information is essential to a company’s success - based on the necessity to act fast, react even faster, in accelerating markets.

BARC research note data & analytics brauchen vernetzte daten

BARC has identified this approach to be also a very potent solution to the challenges within Data Governance and Advanced Analytics. The possible transparency increases over processes and inherent knowledge constitute a “decisive competitive advantage” not only relevant to existing but also future challenges, so the researchers.

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