Press Release Is there a Future for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in the Age of Digitization?

Marc Fauquembergue | 28th July 2016

Future PLM Thesis Paper published

System introduction and operation of a PLM system are cost-intensive. According to PLM expert John Stark, every second PLM project fails. The networking of products and services via the Internet of Things (IoT) raises the question of whether PLM is not completely overwhelmed by this? Is PLM - as we know it today - a phase-out model that becomes obsolete through Linked Data, Big Data or self-learning systems? Or to put it another way, how does PLM have to change in order to optimally support companies in their digital transformation?

PLM experts from application companies, software vendors, consulting firms and universities discussed these questions in a workshop and put forward a series of theses on Future PLM in order to initiate the discussion on requirements and possible solutions. The authors of this thesis paper are Sylke Rosenplänter (Opel), Bodo Machner (formerly BMW), Thomas Kamps (CONWEAVER), Karsten Theis (PROSTEP), Martin Eigner (TU Kaiserslautern) and specialist journalist Michael Wendenburg. They agree that we need a different kind of PLM.

We would be pleased to welcome you as discussion participant in our Xing group "Linked Data – Future PLM". Let us know how you can comment on the 22 theses from the fields of

Do you agree? Do you have new ideas, or what is on your mind?

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