Press Release Successful Closing Event of Joint Research Project opTRAC

Das Konsortium, red. Caspar | November 9, 2015

Presentations and exciting discussions on a spectrum of subjects: »ISO 26262 and traceability« at the closing event of the joint research project opTRAC on October 16, 2015 in Berlin.

In the project opTRAC – usability optimized traceability for the development of embedded systems in line with ISO 26262 the four consortia members InMediasP, CONWEAVER, Fraunhofer IPK and GITTA worked jointly for 2 ½ years on topics such as: How can the development of technical products, which require functional safety, for example a brake system, be improved? 

Successful traceability requires new digital models and tools

Prof. Stark, Fraunhofer IPK


A range of new technical and methodological approaches were developed. But first of all, the willingness to transparently work together in interdisciplinary engineering teams was important.

Prof. Stark (Fraunhofer IPK) explains: „Today’s mechatronic products and tomorrow’s cybertronic systems are becoming more and more complex. To control this complexity, traceability is required: The relationships between engineering models and engineering data have to be continuously explicated. Successful traceability requires new digital models and tools, but also awareness from top management to expert engineers about the importance of this topic. Because, for example, only with traceability the so called Model-Based Systems Engineering methods will become ‘liveable’ and implementable. Thus, traceability is a basic building block of tomorrow’s engineering world.“ 

New approaches promise improvements in engineering itself, in including all phases from planning to production, in including critical technical dependencies of parts and assemblies, and in interconnecting across division boundaries and heterogeneous IT systems landscapes. Additionally, during the design of safety-critical parts for passenger cars, the conformity of company and development processes to the ISO 26262 Norm is very important. To test for norm compliance, again traceability methods can be helpful.

Not only is efficient traceability a necessity

Dr. Ulbrich, InMediasP


Dr. Ulbrich (InMediasP) adds: „Not only is efficient traceability a necessity; for example to comply with legal requirements. It is also a quality characteristic and an advantage in competition. Economic gains follow by reducing costs in product development and production, combined with improved quality, productivity, as well as product and process optimization. Thus, traceability is a strong foundation: For a chain of evidence in case of product liability and for continuous process improvement.“

At the closing event of the joint research project, the consortia members and guests from, amongst others, Schaeffler AG, PTC, Dassault Systèmes and the Competence Center Virtual Vehicle Graz discussed in a relaxed atmosphere the presented results about Model-based Systems Engineering, traceability awareness in companies, testing norm conformance, IT integration, user-friendly methods and competitive advantages.

You can find more in-depth information in German at our website Our publications and presentations are available in the download area and under »Abschlussveranstaltung«. Don’t hesistate to contact us. We would be glad to answer your questions.

  • OpTRAC Press Release “Successful closing event of the joint research project opTRAC” (November 5, 2015) PDF (4KB)

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