Press Release Company Relocation: CONWEAVER GmbH at new premises since 01.06.2013

Stefan Garhammer | 02.06.2013

An increase of about 30% in the number of employees within a few months and a significant increase in projects with major corporations – based on this steady growth in customer and internal expansion, CONWEAVER reacted by moving into a new, prestigious domicile at the Friedensplatz Darmstadt, not too far from the former business premises.

“Our former location at the Fraunhofer IGD just did not provide enough room anymore. The new building, which is located directly in the city center, still has the comfort we were used to, and even provides generous parking possibilities for visitors and staff alike”, explains CEO Dr. Thomas Kamps.

With over 450 square meters, the central location offers plenty of room for the CONWEAVER team for further growth. In the attractive interior of the second floor, a lounge area provides an environment for communication among colleagues and visitors. In addition, the new office offers a think tank for creative exchange and a divisible conference and/or meeting room equipped with the latest technology.

Dr. Kamps: “When choosing the property, it was important to us that it was appealing to our team and our clients alike. We want to provide our staff a work environment in which they feel comfortable and have the chance to further develop themselves in the best way possible. We deem such an offer a very important factor in order to attract and retain highly qualified personnel in the long run.” In addition, of course, the guests should feel comfortable. “Those with an attractive, well maintained and, in particular, easily accessible office, are visited by their customers with pleasure”, he summarizes. 

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