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Massive changes are taking place in shipbuilding, railway and aircraft construction. Products have to be more sustainable, more intelligent and more customizable, and all this with a shorter "time-to-market".

The mobility industry, like many other industries, is undergoing a digital transformation. Shipbuilding, a very conservative industry, has recognized the added value of consistent, digital documentation and transparency. For the railway industry, autonomous train operations are beginning to become a reality and the aviation industry has set itself the goal of a fully digitalized customer journey.

The entire sector therefore faces the challenges of integrating business processes, ensuring the flow of information throughout the entire product life cycle while also networking devices, machines and products in the field. Those who master these obstacles will be able to reduce costs, shorten development cycles and increase customer satisfaction. Data handling is becoming the key success factor in this process

Data silos are one of the biggest obstacles on the way to this goal, because they prevent the use of all relevant data. This leads to gaps in the understanding of dependencies and holistic processes, the foundations for data-based products and services, and automation potential.

Solution within weeks
Customer Satisfaction thanks to data-based Smart Services
Time-to-Market radically reduced
Connected Data Silos for Digital Threads & Digital Twins

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