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The automotive industry is undergoing a profound process of change. New technologies, changing customer requirements and new players are increasing the pressure on companies to be more efficient and innovative than ever before.

We are witnessing a transformation from classic hardware manufacturer to provider of digital and linked mobility solutions. Artificially intelligent, autonomous vehicles could soon be reality.

The handling of data is becoming a critical factor in this digital transformation process, whilst for some companies it will be a matter of survival.

Ever more complex vehicles and new, data-based business models have to be developed while time-to-market accelerates, posing major challenges for the industry. Processes must become smarter, more cost-effective and automated. This is the only way for manufacturers to keep pace with the speed of the market, to ensure customer satisfaction and still maintain high quality.

Data silos are one of the biggest obstacles towards these goals. Data-based products and services as well as automation potentials only result from the use of all relevant information along the entire value chain. Ultimately, only the linking of data makes it possible to identify dependencies, recognize larger patterns and understand processes from start to finish. In other words: to generate information from data.

Solution within weeks
Customer Satisfaction thanks to data-based Smart Services
Time-to-Market radically reduced
Connected Data Silos for Digital Threads & Digital Twins

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