SYSLM 2018 Conference

Date 16th-17th October 2017
Time All day
Place Veranstaltungszentrum Gartenschau, Lauterstraße 51, 67659 Kaiserslautern

+++ Keynote speech by Michael Edig (Daimler AG) and Sebastian Dörr (CONWEAVER GmbH) on "PDM2020 - Networking at its best" +++

Digitized Engineering – Evolution and Trends in Virtual System Development

If flashing-over-the-air shall be possible, then the view of the entire system, and not only of the vehicle, is mandatory. This is the premise of the Daimler PDM2020 program.

The main objective of the program is to improve processes and product structures. These require changes in today's systems that cannot be adapted at all or not easily. To support the changed process and/or product structures with information systematically, the program PDM2020 provides the so-called data layer, which can quickly and flexibly fire role-specific information requirements as a superordinate networking layer. 

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Keynote Speech

About the SYSLM 2018 Conference

How does "digitized engineering" affect company processes and structures? Which challenges therefore arise for the digitized, interdisciplinary and integrated development of smart product service systems and how can these be overcome? Which new business models can be realized? And what will tomorrow's engineering look like when the real and digital worlds merge even further? ...more to SYSLM 2018 Conference.

Visit the networking event the evening before under the motto "21 - twentyone". CONWEAVER Vice President Sales Sebastian Dörr is looking forward to a personal exchange with you. All participants of the conference are welcome to the event.

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