Live Webinar: Linked Data Search vs. federated search

Date 7th June, 2017
Time 5 - 5:45 PM
Place Live Webinar

One of our customers once called our Linked Data Search “The Google for engineers!”. We will delineate it from federated search.

In this webinar, we will explain what differentiates Linked Data Search from federated search. We demonstrate the respective advantages and deriving benefits.

You can ask us any questions you may have regarding the approaches. We are looking forward to answering these during the webinar.

This webinar will benefit you if you are contemplating how to connect your distinct software worlds or you just want to know more about the subject.

We are delighted to have a lot of active participation and an informative discourse. The webinar is moderated so all your questions may be answered.

  • DATE: Wednesday, June 07, 2017, 17 hrs.
  • DURATION: 45 minutes incl. Q&A

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