Information Day „Smart Engineering“ - Agile Development & Design Thinking

Date 30th November 2017
Time 9:30 - 16:00 hrs
Place Schenck Technologie u. Industriepark GmbH, Landwehrstraße 55, 64293 Darmstadt

+++Agile Development and Design Thinking+++

The time in which products have been developed quietly for years to perfection is long gone. Ever shorter product lifecycles and a wide variety of variants demand ever shorter development times. New methods such as agile development and design thinking take this into account. But what about supporting tools for implementation?

For agile development, reliable data and information is required in order to be able to react quickly to internal and external changes. If this is also done within interdisciplinary, creative teams like the approach of design thinking, old methods and tools quickly reach their limits. 

The paradigm: 80% solutions of developed use cases should quickly prove their usefulness. This can only be achieved if all the necessary data is available in the context of the development process without errors in order to make the right decisions. On the other hand, it is equally essential to test the theory of the model in practice. In other words, in quickly configurable software solutions that not only save time, but also give you the freedom to test unusual solutions. Almost trial and error, in the sense of trying out extraordinary solutions, as envisaged by design thinking. If things go wrong, I've lost very little time. Does the neck work, do I have the gold pot at the end of the rainbow? A win-win situation.

This is where the CONWEAVER Linked Data Layer comes in. Configured within a week, it allows exactly such a procedure. Exactly how? That explains Joachim Caspar on 30th November.


  • Topic: „Integrated information delivery through fast, application-specific solution configuration "- The Linked Data Layer as an enabler for the IT of the 2 speeds
  • Date: 30th November 2017
  • Time: 11:15 hrs

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Information Day „Smart Engineering“ - Agile Development and Design Thinking


Approaches to agile development and design thinking are becoming increasingly popular in the field of construction and product development.

Agile methods promise a fast project instinct with flexible project development, which allows you to react to changes and not only to follow a fixed, predefined plan. Cooperation between developers and customers as well as within the development team plays a particularly important role. The project result represents a product optimally adapted to the customer's needs.

Design thinking is a systematic approach to complex problems, which has many synergies with agile development. In multidisciplinary teams, a user-oriented development takes place, whereby the constant feedback between developer and customer is also in focus. The current state of development is communicated and tested on the basis of cyclical prototypes.

Source: Forschungsvereinigung "Smart Engineering" (translation CONWEAVER)

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