Future Battery Forum

Date 10th -11th December 2020
Time All day
Place Online

The aim of the Future Battery Forum is to network the participants in the value chain in the battery industry across national borders and to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience. Due to the recent developments regarding the dissemination of COVID-19 this is no longer possible with a physical meeting.

To ensure that this goal will continue to be achieved, the organizer has decided to hold the conference virtually.

We are happy to be part of the conference for the first time and are looking forward to gaining an insight into the battery industry.

About the Event

This year, the Future Battery Forum focuses on three main topics:



The industrialized battery value chain is emerging. Cell suppliers, battery system manufacturers & customers are equally confronted with the challenge of implementing the industrial ramp-up as efficiently as possible. How can a permanently high product quality of the installed batteries be achieved? How to best manage the increasing demand in the production lines? How to find the right mix between customization and standardization? These and other challenges will be discussed in this column and practical experiences will be reviewed.


The stable value chain of on the way to the mass market "battery technology" is in the process of being created. The boundaries of value creation between cell production, battery system production, battery services & management systems and vehicle applications are blurred. Companies are currently discussing and finding their best possible position in the system. How do you sustainably secure the best competitive advantages over the competition? What new business options are emerging? For which companies does it make sense to specialize? How do I deal with old product portfolios in the new age? Which companies should deal with several value-added areas in order to have the best starting position in your market? Which partners should you work with? This is what we will talk about in this thematic pillar of the conference.


Innovative technologies are constantly flowing into the market to achieve the greatest possible storage capacity and the best possible battery life. New materials, changing cell design & new technological total solutions in the market change prices and the options for users. Which solutions are most efficient for which application? Which battery systems of the future can be game changers and replace the dominant but raw material limited and ecologically challenging Li-Ion technology? How do battery solutions harmonize best with charging infrastructure? When should companies rely on which technology to realize economies of scale and mass suitability as quickly as possible? This and much more is discussed in this column.

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