automotive production summit 2020

Date 7th December 2020
Time 10-17:20 hrs
Place Online

Digital Production | Sustainability | Supply Chain | Smart Technologies | Automotive | OEM | Suppliers

We are delighted to contribute to the summit with an presentation and to further discuss what matters to automotive production in an expert panel. In addition, comment on our LinkedIn article until Friday, December 4, 2020, 12 noon CET and take part in the competition for 5x1 online tickets to the summit.

Presentation: Knowledge Graph for Digital Manufacturing

The far-reaching structural change in the automotive industry poses enormous challenges for development, production planning and production. The increasing complexity of products must remain manageable, production planning processes must be streamlined and production itself must be optimized. The technical answers to these challenges are (MB)SE, an integrated, two-dimensional production planning and the Smart Factory. For this "digital manufacturing", the functionalities require a smooth flow of information among themselves - data silos contradict this.

In our presentation, we will show you how Knowledge Graphs can help you master these challenges.


Panel discussion: Prospects for store floor digitization and the networking of machines, systems and employees in production


Flexible - Smart - Sustainable: The Road to Digital Production

The topic of the automotive production summit is more topical than ever. Especially in the current difficult economic situation, the automotive industry is more dependent than ever on reliable production networks. Global supplier networks must be critically scrutinized, products must be able to master the balancing act between the still-incineration era and the electrical age, costs must be further reduced, efficiency must be improved, and the usual high level of quality must be maintained without compromise. This requires stable, fast-reacting processes, a flexible supply chain, smart technologies and a high level of ecological responsibility for reducing CO2 pollution in production. Multitasking is redefined!

In order to master the upcoming production ramp-ups and to remain competitive, it is more important than ever to work in close cooperation and deep partnerships between OEMs, suppliers and the players from the digital world.


(Translated by CONWEAVER)

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