2. Future Battery Forum 2021

Date 15th-16th November 2021
Time All day
Place Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin, Germany, Estrel Congress Center

Battery Technologies | Battery Solutions | Cell Solutions | Production Technologies | Future Technologies | Li-Ion Batteries | Solid State Batteries | Building Local Supply Chains | Value Creation Potential | Raw Material Safety and Recycling

The management conference brings together the entire value creation system around the future topic of battery technologies: Across industries, around 900 users, battery system & cell manufacturers as well as their suppliers will exchange ideas intensively for two days at the event, make new contacts and discuss how the technological change can be achieved with a high market share of battery-driven solutions in Europe.

CONWEAVER Senior Vice President Customer Management Michael Hecker and Linksphere Solution Consultant Joachim Caspar are participating and looking forward to new contacts and exciting presentations.

About the Event

In 5 thematic areas, participants will learn and discuss the battery solutions of the future in keynotes and panel discussions, master classes and other formats:


Local production of battery and cell systems in Europe is a strategic objective of the European Union and industry. Value creation and knowledge for one of the future technologies for a low-carbon society should ensure Europe's prosperity and competitive advantage in the international arena.

The first gigawatt hours of storage capacity are already being produced in Europe. Further battery and cell production projects are currently being set up and production is being ramped up. Asia's lead, especially in cell production, is to be leveled out in the medium term and storage capacities with high gigawatt quantities are also to be produced in Europe to supply the local needs of various industries.

At the event, we will discuss how best to build local value, what partners are needed to do so, what lessons can be learned cross-industrially, and more.


Battery technologies are closely linked to global value chains. Raw materials from diverse regions of the globe flow into the battery value chain. Critical raw materials such as lithium or cobalt are few or nonexistent in Europe. At the conference, we will therefore discuss how Europe can maintain and secure access to these scarce raw materials in the long term. Considerations on future technologies, which may be able to do without scarce resources, will also be discussed.


Further down the value chain, establishing local production and suppliers is a success factor in making Europe's battery production valuable in the long term. Suppliers for various intermediate products must be found and established. Companies that currently possess production technologies with which battery components can be produced must be made aware of their value creation potential in the new system. New partners must be found to achieve short value chains in Europe and avoid shipping components across the globe. We will discuss ways to achieve this goal at the event.


Battery solutions achieve their full impact when the overall electronic system is optimized around the battery and for usage behavior. Around the battery, product design must be rethought to maximize battery performance. In this area, we will discuss at the event what exciting experiences companies have already gained in these areas and what learning experiences can be drawn for other products.


Cell and battery solutions are evolving rapidly. Li-ion batteries seem to be the technology of the near future. Looking at the details, technological leaps are also foreseeable for Li-ion batteries. New material combinations at the anode or cathode will drastically increase the amount of storage. The shift to solid electrolytes (solid-state batteries) also holds potential for increasing performance. When will we see which technological innovations ready for series production? Which technologies will follow Li-Ion batteries in 10 years? This and much more will be discussed at the event.

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