13. Grazer Symposium Virtuelles Fahrzeug_GSVF 2020

13th Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle

Date 1st-2nd September 2020
Time All Day
Place Seifenfabrik, Graz, Austria

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Digitales Manufacturing with Traceability Graphs

Linked Data | Enterprise Knowledge Graph | Traceability Graph | Digital Manufacturing | PLM | Rapid Solution Implementation

In order to remain competitive and meet today's market requirements, increasingly complex products and systems must be developed and delivered in ever shorter time frames. With the help of horizontal development approaches and so-called "frontloading", the challenges are to be tackled holistically, and above all, at an early stage. The essential basis for achieving these goals are transparency and the use of data throughout the entire Product Life Cycle (PLC). With the help of change impact analyses, for example, the effects of modifications in terms of buildability and costs are to be identified early on - ideally before cost-intensive physical tests are carried out. For this, it is important to not only understand data availability but also the interrelationships and interactions of data.

Graphs are the natural representation of relationship knowledge and are therefore an excellent methodical answer to the aforementioned challenges. Therefore, the nodes of a graph represent the business objects while the edges symbolize the semantic relationship between them. A knowledge graph thus represents the relationships between its data along the entire PLC. By traversing such a graph at will, change impact analyses can be carried out very flexibly, for example.

Drop by at our booth and talk to Sebastian Dörr about how incrementally set up knowledge graphs are able to create traceability solutions in engineering very quickly, thus realizing smart, digital manufacturing. The unique approach of modeling knowledge graphs with low code capabilities, and then automatically populating them, provides manufacturing traceability solutions in weeks.

About the Symposium

The GSVF 2020 addresses recent advances in system integration and virtual validation and its optimal coexistence with physical testing. Industry currently moves away from strictly vertical to broadly horizontal vehicle development approaches. Agile enriched processes are vital to cope with related complexity, uncertainties, quality, costs and timely delivery, to ultimately accelerate system delivery ensuring global competitiveness and market-shares.

The GSVF 2020 focuses on methods, tools, data, and processes for virtual validation. >> to selective topics and application areas

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