12th Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle (GSVF)

Date 7th-8th May 2019
Time All-day
Place Seifenfabrik Veranstaltungszentrum, Angergasse 41-43, AT-8010 Graz

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Processes, Methods, Tools and Applications - A disruptive change in vehicle development

"Link" with us and meet CONWEAVER Vice President Sebastian Dörr in Graz to exchange experiences. We look forward to talking to you.

About the Symposium

Agile principles typically require a radical change in the established development frameworks, the organizational structures and the implemented methods & tools. A strict modularization of systems in terms of software and hardware, flexible teams as well as a appropriate development infrastructures are key for having success. Especially for vehicle engineering related processes, methods and tools must be developed, extended and implemented, which opens up huge potentials for applied research and for businesses.

First applications have already proven the possible gain through more agile and collaborative engineering – now the task is to exploit the hidden potentials in industry and to apply these innovative concepts to up-coming applications like automated driving function evaluation w.r.t. to vehicle safety. More to Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle (GSVF)...

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