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Code of PLM Openness

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The Code of PLM Openness (CPO) is a guarantee of transparency and openness for software, based upon the voluntary self-commitment of software manufacturers. The CPO links IT requirements with those of businesses. Hence, data can be permanently used in the entire product lifecycle through the stability and openness of the interfaces. This is what we stand for. And that is why CONWEAVER was not only the first company in the accreditation process but also the first enterprise to be certified at all.

Covering criteria from interoperability, infrastructure, extensibility, interfaces, standards and architectures to partner relationships, the standard touches every vital part of the business ecosystem. 

Openness is a mindset, an attitude, a value.

Joachim Caspar, CONWEAVER


As the speed of societal and technical change transforms the way we do business, IT systems need to be flexible and adaptable to keep pace. Play or be left out, openness is key to adjust to a world constantly in flux, shifting circumstances and technologies in your corporate world.

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Code of PLM Openness (CPO) is aligned with thyssenkrupp´s efforts to define PLM target architecture, to enhance software procurements and to ensure conformity with I4.0 requirements.

CPO Certification is a key quality instrument for cooperation with
IT-providers within an open and adaptive environment.

Dr. Youssef Aidi, Corporate Process Manager PLM der thyssenkrupp AG
@prostep ivip Symposium 2018

Linksphere Is An Open System

Having already signed the CPO in 2015, agile, living systems are at the very heart of CONWEAVER. Our Linksphere suite provides an open Linked Data Layer to carry information which may be used by as many diverse tools, users or stakeholders as needed:

  • all data can be exported and migrated via
    standard interfaces (database, XML, Json)
  • open programming interfaces
  • corporate processes and programs can be run
    within the Linksphere suite

Creating openness on all technological fronts is fundamental to achieving transparency for our customers.

Richard Stenzel, CTO/CONWEAVER


This brings a multitude of (technical) benefits regarding the protection of user interests while customers retain control over their own data:

  • freedom of choice regarding the connected systems
  • all generated data is available throughout
    the entire product life cycle
  • tool replacement along the supply chain - at all times
  • efficiency enhancement through the advancement
    of virtualisation along the entire V model
  • independent of customers from system suppliers

The Code of PLM Openness (CPO) is the foundation for Schaeffler PDM strategy for the horizontal integration of business objects across IT applications in a service-oriented eco-system manner. 

The certification ensures that standards are not only CPO defined but also have been operationalized which is becoming one of the key criteria in the selection and decision process

Joachim Schmider, VP Enterprise IT Architecture der Schaeffler AG
@prostep ivip Symposium 2018

The openness of IT systems, especially the ability to integrate them into various IT system environments, is essential for reducing the amount of time and effort involved in creating business value:

  • collaborate across all platforms, systems and languages
  • support a common data model
  • reduce overhead through condensed data provisioning
  • prove ROI easily through process time and cost savings
  • expand from PLM to even broader SysLM approach

We believe in openness as a core value to our bottom-up approach.  

Dr. Thomas Kamps, CEO/CONWEAVER
CONWEAVER CPO Certification Process

  • Download Flyer CONWEAVER CPO-CompliancePDF (0.4MB)

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